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weather moving in by the end of the week. so yes, we have a little bit of everything and we will see maryland's most powerful radar dry as of now. but we do see some snow up to the north and west and you are seeing the blue box. that's a winter weather advisory for the area. we are dealing with the winter weather advisory the further south you go. back into virginia, west verge they could see up to 1 to 4 -- virginia, they could see 1 to 4 inches of snow. i will see how it will affect us. but right now let's check the traffic with angela. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning everyone. good news coming from the traffic center. we are off to a great start for monday morning. no accidents or incidents to report. as a matter of fact, we have look at # 95 and i-70 and the -- 795 and i-70 and they are moving well. 895 tunnel traffic checking out find in both direction. on 895 as well as 95 inform you make your way through the fort mchenry tunnel and a live viewof the top side of 695, traffic patterns are building
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but no delays around the north side or the west side of 695. charley and mealingan back over to you -- megan back over to you. allegations of misconduct. the up to they -- be county police chief could find himself in the hot seat. linda so is hear to -- here to explain why. >> reporter: police chief yams teare could be asked to step down. the -- chief james teare could be asked to step down. they will decide if he didn't take enough action after learning of the allegations against the county executive. leopold is accused of misconduct in office. he used his executive detail to drive him to parking lots and wait while he got into another car and had sex with a county employee. the indictment alleges he made security drive him to locations where he could steal campaign signs from the competitor in 2010 and used security to hide a intimate relationship with a woman who was not his live-in
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girlfriend. it claims the security complained to the superiors including the police chief. >> it's my understanding the drivers their supervisors and others went to the chief himself and went to others in the chain of command and they were reporting this behavior on a consistent basis and waiting for some relief. >> reporter: now the police chief released a statement saying "i have no intention to resign. i am going to continue to serve anne arundel county like i have for the past 25 years. leopold is vowing to fight the charges in court and says he has no plans to step down. linda so, abc2 news. and all new this morning, maryland congressman dutch ruppeersberg here serves in the house intelligence committee is worried about the dangers iran poses. >> it's all about iran. they are bad country not the people, but the leadership there are bad. they export terrorism. right now, the lethal weapons are going to sear yo and they were willing to attack the saudi arabia ambassador in our
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country killing americans. >> he spoke yesterday on cnn state of the union. iran is likely tonight central focus when israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu visits the president and meeting is later today. back in the united states, from rome newly appointed cardinal o'brien celebrated mass with his baltimore family on sunday morning at the cathedral of mary our queen and talked about his leadership role in rome and what he next for catholics in balmmore as the search -- baltimore as the search for his replacement continues. >> i am hoping and praying the new appointment comes soon so people can stop rumoring and worrying ants new archbishop can have his own program in place. >> the cardinal says he's submitted nims of three candidates to replace hill and wouldn't say if they are currently in baltimore. pope makes the final decision. recovery crews in southern new mexico is working to reach a child's body at the bottom of
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the well. they believe it's samuel joins missing since saturday. police say cameras confirmed the body of a child currently at the bottom of a 30-foot deep hole. police say it could take a day for mining crews to reach the body safely. no word on how the body ended up there. for the second gunman did shall help assassinate kennedy. sirhan is serving a life sentence and his attorneys want him released or granted a new trial. they say the real killers him know advertised him to act as a diversion and prosecutors say there's no overwhelming evidence against the claim. video of a helicopter crash in arizona. helicopter crashed near the airport. engine failed causing the chopper to plunge. no one was hurt in this crash.
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more video right now portland oregon man was pulled from freezing watters in the river on sunday. and a good samaritan is being credited with saving his life. fire department spokesman says hyperthermia could have set in if the rescuers hadn't respond sewed quickly. he was taken to a local hospital for treatment a. day three of the iditarod. 66 mushers and dog teams started the 8-day race saturday and will travel across a thousand miles of the wilderness on a sled trying to be the first to reach the old gold rush town of nome. the prize is 550,000 dollars for the first 30 finishs with the winner receiving about 50 grand and a new truck. here's a journey of a different kind. conservationist set sail on a 8,000 mile solo trip to raise awareness for sea creatures. jim sullivan head for the
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philippines. he is traveling alone in an unpowered 30 foot sailboat. it's the first attempt to sail nonstop across the pacific ocean without a motor in more than 300 years. >> we are going recreate the spanish routes of the 1700s and for me it's to bring awareness to the beautiful creatures that lie beneath the sea dolphins and whales and help let people understand we shunting killing them worldwide. >> he expects it will take 3 months to reach the philippines and you can follow his journey on twitter at xpac8,000. stay with us. there's a story that will have you scratching your head. >> what kind of a person robs a girl scout? a girl scout? we will head to texas to show you what happened next and how the girls they went down swinging. also ahead, we will head to alabama where groups walked remembering a crucial moment in our nation's history. you are watching what's new, now and next with "good morning
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maryland "gloi mostly clear out there right-- mostly clear out there right now. winds will pick up going into the afternoon and we have a slight chance for snow showers. details coming up. >> reporter: and on the roads for monday morning off to a wonderful start for the commute. we are checking your drive times and letting you know if there are early delays out there. that's coming up next as we have your traffic updates on "good morning maryland ." [clucking]. everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny. cause only he brings delicious cadbury crème eggs, while others may keep trying. nobunny knows easter better than cadbury! ♪ abracadabra. new hershey's milk chocolate with almonds in pieces. your favorites, in pieces.
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now "good morning maryland." 35:40. 29 degrees outside. so, who takes money from a girl scout? >> unbelievable. >> a word out of texas a wal- mart. >> that's where the girl scouts were selling cookies when they were robbed. a passenger got out of car pretending to want to buy cookies and grabbed the cash box and jumped back into the car. >> the girls say they didn't let this go away and they didn't let him go away without a fight. listen. >> okay maybe not. >> we were hoping to hear fromthey will. he they tried to fight them off and the crooks got away with $200 at girl scouts will be
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responsible for paying the pony back hopefully the community will help. >> that has to happen. come on texas. we have phone united and continental airlines were merging. but, a little turbulence this weekend. >> what travelers were forced to deal with when the two airlines officially became one. and just ahead, arrival from indiana the sight of -- shall site of one of the deadliest tornadoes. we will take you there when "good morning maryland" continues on this monday march 5th. 3q i can't let allergies stop me from the leading the way.
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tomorrow is super tuesday and voters may be getting phone calls from the very familiar voice. barbara bush roord robo call for mitt romney used in ohio and vermont. on the call she says shah tha she and her family have known the romneys for years and she believes that mitt is the best man to lead the country for the next four years. rick santorum says mitt romney has been unable to close the deal with voters. and that would spell trouble for republicans in defeating obama. gas prices are continuing the uptick in the national average for regular unlead is
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up8 cents over a week and 27 cents in the course of the year. several factors are contributing to the increase among them soaring oil price up 10% from the past month. also the rising tension with iran that could lead to the disruption of oil supplies. economist worry risings gas price cos diminish consumer confidence and bringa new economic downturn. abc news is twork save at the pump we can't handle the other issues. head to abc2 news . com to -- to find lowest gas price and click on traffic and gas tries tab. pass -- gas price tab. as united swallowed up continental operations this weekend. but more nights were on time sunday than saturday. the company combined reservation data including frequent flyer accounts early saturday. the airline played down the glitches and say they are on track with the transition.
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well an indiana community is one of several areas devastated following friday's deadly tornado that cut through the midwest. and this morning, we have we are joined live from henryville indiana with what's happening south of indianapolis. julie good morning. >> reporter: that's right. tweer between inned -- we are between indianapolis and louisville kentucky off interstate 65. being see this is just a small portion of the devastation from the tornadoes that rolled through southern indiana on friday afternoon. at this point, the death toll stands at 13. the most recent death was 15- month-old girl found alone in a field. she passed away last night at a hospital in louisville, kentucky. at this point, they still have this community shut down. what they are doing is trying to pick up the pieces here in this area. they still have indiana state
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police who have the area completely under lockdown. they have a number of people volunteers who want to come in and help, but the problem is there's so much devastation and they are trying to shut off the electric lines and all of the natural gas in the area because they don't want tocause more problems with the volunteers coming in if they have a danger of fire. so many homes were destroyed that one of the state police troopers who i talked to said they have not been able to get a count because of the mass destruction. the high school in this area it was virtually wiped out. about 80 kids were in the high school when this storm rolled through. no one in the high school was hurt. back to you. >> temperatures right now have gotton below -- to be below freezing as we see the snow. that's only adding more problems for those who may want to get in and start cleaning up isn't it? >> reporter: you know, it actually is. not only because of the cold
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but also they have a lot of slick road conditions in the area. right around the town, again, they still have everything shut down but people who are trying to get to the area they are facing dangerous conditions on interstate 65. >> all right julie thanks so much from our station south of indianapolis. 5:48. 29 degrees. everything is happening today. today geno's burgers and chicken is opening a second location in our state. this one over in white marsh in the honey go shopping center officially opening at 11:00 and former cult gina markety is behind the opening of the markets. baltimore city parks and recs will have a new identification system and provide safeguards to ensure protection of staff and participants. registration is free and you can scan in when you want to use the five participating facilities. marchers are recreating history in alabama.
5:49 am
>> civil rights activist al sharpton joined a huge crowd leading the march for voting rights. >> this march is commemorating the 47th anniversary of bloody sunday when unarmed civil rights marchers were attacked by armed alabama state troopers. >> we were hoping to get a sound bite. the 50 mile trek will take place over the next week. it's going to end on friday with a rally that's happening in the state capitol. let's go back over to lynette with what to ebb expect today. a mixed -- expect today kind of a mixed bag. >> let's delve into what's going on across the western part of the nation. across the pacific northwest, a system is trying to bring rain across the area. looking across the dakotas especially into north dakota a little snow moving into the area. speaking of the snow, yes, that's what we had across ohio. the ohio valley diving down
5:50 am
into west virginia as of now. going to get a closer perspective of what's going on. you can see heavier snows really trying to push into the area and once again, this is not good news for the cleanup process across indiana also into kentucky. this is all pushing across virginia as of now. the track looks like it could stay to the south of us. but i think that southern maryland will get clipped in this and now maybe a little further to the north we have the possibility for some snow showers to work their way in here. we will monitor this as we go through the morning. but again i. don't want you to be surprised when you are out and about this morning and see snow. be advised there is chance for snow to mob into the picture. nothing -- move into the picture. nothing heavy or accumulating but you can see the white stuff falling from the sky. we had this dotted line here the purple dotted line an upper level trough and once this swings through we will be in the clear. but until that does, i am keeping the chance for snow in the forecat for this morning and into the afternoon. high pressure will build in behind the system and we will be seeing plenty of sunshine in
5:51 am
the forecast. but that won't be be until tomorrow and then we will see more of that as we go into your wednesday but here it is at 11 you can still see it slide off here. we talk about southern maryland may get in on that action. some of the beaches could see white stuff. but, we will see if this moves a little further to the north because once again, listen to my words. if it moves a little further to the north. then yes we could be getting snow in here going through the morning and into the afternoon. 46 for today, though, mostly cloudy and we will turn breezy and it's going to be be a chilly day as well. that 46 feeling colder than that. cold by this evening, temperatures below average and 47 still chill in the air but we will have plenty of sunshine in the forecast. let's check the traffic with angela good morning. >> reporter: good morning. monday morning and getting a little busy following an accident in harford county for those of you traveling on maryland 24 up in edgewood. you will see the disedge at the i-9 -- accident at 9i-95
5:52 am
overpass. -- at the i-95 overpass. not a lot to hinder irdrive on 95 south of the city. a live look on 95 between caton and the beltway. moving fretty -- pretty good despite volume increasing. no delays in place. on the beltway no accidents to report on 695 as we get a live look at 95 at the 83 overchange. should be a good start to the morning heading out in the next few minutes. no extra drive time needed for you. here's live look at drive times on 83 from shawan to 695 just 5 minute drive and as we mentioned on the beltway, outer loop 695 from 795 to i-70 intact with a 7 minute drive. now back over to you. >> it's been five years since a gunman opened fire on students and if a kilt at virginia tech. >> we will preview the civiltrial look into how the university reacted. a governor set to announce top priorities for the coming
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five years after 33 students and faculity died at virginia tech attorneys for the parents of two victims are going to question the university officials and police in a civil trial set to begin today. university of officials argued they acted appropriately when responding to that campus attack. u.s. attorney general eric holder will lay out the legal framework for targeting and killing of americans overseas and he will do so today. speech is five months after the killing of the u.s. born al- qaeda cleric in yepen during a drone attack. this afternoon in annapolis governor o'malley will lay out priorities for the the next fiscal year. it will look leekley look at state shortfalls in health care transportation and education. the wj bush senter will host the series america's first lady and enduring legacy. this year's event includes laura and barbara bush and doris goodwin and award winning
5:57 am
journalists cokey roberts. president obama will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house. they will likely discuss the ongoing tensions between israel and iran over the developing of nuke clear technology. it's been hit by a scam artist and they may be trying to come at you. >> with the better business bureau says scam artist don't easily give up and the signs to look out for if you've become a victim before. your child's sleep issues could affect behavior later in life. we will take a look. and baltimore ironman is here in our studio. what brought cal ripkin junior into abc2 news this morning. [ ellen, thinking ] $6.99, $9.99. what's with the 99? has it always been this way? ♪ cheerio my fair lady, pray tell the price of this fine hat. it's 14 pounds 99 pence. okay so 15 pounds. 14 pounds 99 pence.
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